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Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Yahoo! UK & Ireland
WebCrawler Searching
Lycos - Homepage

Search Engines

Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Yahoo! UK & Ireland
WebCrawler Searching
Lycos - Homepage
Netscape Net Search
AltaVista: Main Page
Infoseek Advanced Search: World Wide Web
Yahoo! Search Options
Angelfire Communications (search engine)

Information Links

LLRS Catalogue (University of Central Lancashire Library)
IDEAL (online electronic library)
Language Centre Spanish Links
ACM Digital Library

U.K. Useful Links

Railtrack: Travel Information
UK Train times (
Railway Travel
UK Travel Guide
BT Personal (Residential) Customer Options
FinePoint Broadcast Television Equipment Hire in the UK. Rate Card
Computer To Telephone Internet Telephony - Net2Phone

UK University SEARCH

SCIT Web Server Home Page at the University of Wolverhampton
UK Universities and Colleges


Calls for Papers Archive
Computer Vision Conference Listing from USC
Third Annual EPSRC Summer School on Computer Vision


Noblesse Workshop on Non-Linear Model Based Image Analysis


BMVC98: The Ninth British Machine Vision Conference
BMVC97: The Eighth British Machine Vision Conference


Comp 136 (Course on computer graphics applications in Java)


The Win95 Game Programmer's Encyclopedia

PIC (Microcontrollers)

PIC info
Programmer Circuit and software. Getting started with PIC84
PIC Programmer Circuit and Software. TATO Computers
Parallax, Inc. -- PIC12/16Cxx Development Tools
Microchip Home Page
Microchip Technology Technical Support FAQs
PIC Index


DirectX Support - Microsoft DirectX
The Game Programming MegaSite - DirectX, C/C++, ASM, Tutorials, DJGPP, Visual Basic, Graphics, Source Code, Hacking Cracking, Warez
Ralph's C++ Builder DirectX Site
Articles and Code (MFC and DirectX among others)
Multimedia Apps - DirectDraw Within the MFC Document/View Framework
the DirectX eXperience; lots of articles
Microsoft Games -- Downloads
Microsoft DirectX Samples
Direct X WorldCraft : Downloads Section
Game programming with DirectX
Yahoo! - Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Programming:DirectX
Game programming with DirectX
Install DirectX (download)
Ultimate Software - DirectX Game Development
Ultimate Software - DirectX Game Development

Game Programming

JOBS j o b s Jobs: Games
Dinamic Multimedia Catálogo
Virtual Library - Games Programming Section
Links to Game Programming Sites
Games Companies
Game Architecture Design

Downloads / Netscape

Directory of /pub/live3d/windows
Download Live3D Beta
Netscape Coolworlds Intro frameset
Netscape Navigator 3.0
Chaco: Download Sites for VR Scout (stand-alone)
Download Netscape Communicator or Navigator Software
Plug-in Finder
Download 3D Flight/Water Simulation Games @ Download.Net.
Download.Net - Download Games, Internet Utilities, Winsock Apps., and Desktop Apps.


Voronoi diagrams
Graphics File Formats
The Graphics File Format Page
Vision Systems Courseware

Computer Vision

Digital Cambridge Research Lab
Chez Rene ( Geometry Literature Database. )
Computational Geometry Related Sites
Excite Search Results: voroni
The Pilot European Image Processing Archive: Home Page
A Scalable Video Rate Camera Interface
Kanade-Okutomi Variable Window Stereo Demo and Code
3D VSSP: Geometric Fusion
List of Papers on Parallel Stereo CamerasJon A. Webb
Alphabetical Listing of Stereo 3D Books with additional information.
The Turing Institute. C3D 3-D camera
Turing Institute 3D Web Links
3D Scanners Home Page
3D VSSP: Geometric Fusion
CMU Robotics Faculty Research Guide
Research Groups
Roke Manor - Computer Vision.
Computer Automated Vision Environment (CAVE)
Computer Vision: Research Groups
Computer Vision: Research Groups all around the World
Video-Rate Stereo Machine
Overview of 3-D Funsite
Eos Systems Inc - PhotoModeler Information
PhotoModeler Main Page
RMM 3D Products - Links to other 3D sites and resources
Bob Fisher's Personal Page
VASC VR Home Page
Surrey VIRTUOUS Home Page
Modeling by Videotaping
Marsokhod: Technical Sheet [Sensors]

Mosaics (My PhD is about improving Mosaic Construction)

Visual Geometry Group papers (Oxford University, Zisserman)
Techreports (Image mosaicing for tele-reality applications. Richard Szeliski)
Apple - Products - QuickTime
Image Mosaics
Shmuel Peleg
Image Mosaics
Automatic Panoramic Image Merging
Automatic Panoramic Image Merging
Paul Haeberli and Eyal Ofek
CS 766 - Computer Vision
Download QuickTime 3
PictureWorks Technology, Inc. -- Digital Imaging Software Solutions

3D Engine

3D Engines List
3DEL: Source & Doom/Wolfenstein


The VRML Repository: Specifications - VRML
Faces VRML Index of /scotbmva
VRML Support
Chaco: VRML tests & links
VRML App Killers


Hitachi Denshi (UK) Limited ( Industrial Video Systems )
Video Terms and Definitions
JVC Professional WWW Site - Products Catalog
JVC Canada

My Friends

Sergio Campos Toledo y Silvia Segovia Guerrero
Athanasios Kotsenos

Music (Sites providing Lyrics)
Italian Sinfonia Artists page
Canzoni Italiana
ACA Music and Lyrics Collection
Lyrics World - MAIN INDEX
The Lyrics Library
Lyrics World - MAIN INDEX
Lyrics World - The Carpenters
ACA Music and Lyrics Collection
The International Lyrics Server
Scrolling Lyrics by Artist
American Pie Lyrics
Understanding the lyrics of American Pie
Scrolling Lyrics Archive
Net FX - Sound Sources
Lyrics server
Alan Braverman's Beatles Page
Beatles, Beatles, Beatles!
Computer Karaoke Homepage
Artists in the database
Per's record collection
Hotel California
Eagles Albums
McCartney Albums
Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection
Subdirs of directory mods
Yahoo - Entertainment:Music
Hot Rock - 50's RNR & Rockabilly

Compression Utilities

EPA Region 10 - Gzip info

Trabajo (Job resources)

Pyro Studios
InfoJobs Bolsa de trabajo
Bolsas de trabajo
SU DINERO. Búsqueda de ofertas de empleo
Ofertas Empleo (muchas ofertas interesantes)
Bolsa de empleo, ofertas de trabajo
Otros servidores WWW: EMPLEO
JobHunt: All Job Resources
Virtual Search -- Job Listings
VTech - Employment
Bolsa de trabajo Oferta de empleo: Programadores en 'C' en Madrid o alrededores
Bolsa de trabajo: Ilustradores y programadores para desarrollo de video juegos en Madrid

My Web Page in Tripod

Tripod Help!
Manuel Guillén (This is my Page)
Directory of my page
Housekeeper Page Editor
Change Member Profile
Member Profile

RC Model Aircrafts

RC Crash Site
The ring for people into and interested in electronics. ALL WELCOME BEGINNER - ADVANCED
British Model Flying Association - Home Page
BMFA -  Commercial Links
Welcome to Traplet Publications
Benchmark Electronics, Speed controller M20P Data
RC model shop: Fleet Control Systems
The ring for people into and interested in electronics. ALL WELCOME BEGINNER - ADVANCED
Electronic Gadgets for Radio Control (Very Good)
Electronic Gadgets for R/C (Many electronic ideas)
AIRCRAFT-SALE.COM- Airplane Sales & Brokerage- Listings
Phoenix Model Products Website
Hitec links
Sussex Model Centre
Northeast Sailplane Products Homepage
Miscellaneous R/C Web Sites
R/C Battery Clinic
Model Center Bienvenidos
* MNC HOBBIES * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Discount Remote Control Aircraft and Equipment remote control aircraft r/c airplanes remote control aircraft
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Electronic Schematics
Watts Bridge Aeromodellers Group
Helicopter Aviation (explanation of tail)
Circuit Diagrams for Model Aircraft
Introduction to R/C Flying
Aeromodelling Cyprus
New R/C Web Directory Additions
Airplanes - Kits


World of Spectrum - Archive
Spectrum Software - Games [Q]
EMULATOR ZoNE : Spectrum
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Pedro Manuel Rodriguez Salas



Scott McMillan's Projects (DynaMechs)


LEDA - A Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms
MC Chapter (Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods)
History of Mathematics

Camino Neocatecumenal

@MéN!! Biblias
La Biblia en HLP
Gordon Read - Movements canonical status
Songs for the Neocatechumenal Way
Cantos del Camino Neocatecumenal


Anxiety Disorders
Litio carbonato
ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety and Panic Disorders
ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Diccionario ASAP para Desordenes de Panico y Ansiedad

Hispavista CV & email
Hispavista (email gratuito)


Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets (HTML 3)
Tony Roche Travel
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Welcome to PC Pro
Jump Ordenadores
Exageraciones y comparaciones absurdas, mas grande que, mas gordo que, mas feo que
DirectX 7.0 SDK Download - Microsoft DirectX

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