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Personal Achievements.
Research Interests
I am currently writing a PhD Thesis.
Programs I wrote for my PC.
Published programs I wrote for my Spectrum
Electronic Circuits I designed and built.
  Personal Bookmarks
 VRML Model of my face!


You can find in this page a VRML file containing an omnidirectional view of my office.
 This spherical mosaic is composed of 418 individual images, captured with a still digital camera mounted on a tripod in the centre of the room. The construction of this mosaic is possible as  the result of my research.
The mosaic has been rendered on the 6 sides of a cube. You are in the centre, and can look in any direction.
Spherical Mosaic
In this one, the images are coloured so you can see the contribution of each image in the mosaic.
Coloured Spherical Mosaic
(You will need CosmoPlayer 2.0 to view it)