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Last Update 15/04/2005

Q Just downloaded RC software and can't figure out how to throttle up prop. I am only using keyboard.
A In the Controller menu, select Keyboard. The default keys are: Throttle W,S; Elevator Q,A; Aileron R,T; Rudder C,V. These pairs of keys are called Key-Axis and can be defined in the Key-Axis menu

Q Any new models for this simulator yet? And did you design this sim yourself? It's the most realistic i've seen yet. Be nice to get a p51 mustang out there or even a skybolt.
A I own both
currently available models in the simulator, therefore I can be sure that the simulated models behave exactly as their real counterparts. I am reluctant to add a model to the simulator which I have not tested myself. However, the models can be easily edited by the user and the modifications saved as a new model. The difficult bit is to tune up the design to exactly replicate the behavior of the real model. Since I have recently bought a helicopter, I will eventually add helicopter simulation capability to RCFSim.

Q When I use my joystick I can't get the throttle to work properly. I configure the throttle as a "Joystick SL0" and it responds, but only half range, from the middle of the axis display window to the top. I can never get full range in order to "THROTTLE BACK" to start the engine.
A This is a bug in RCFSim v6.0a, it was fixed in RCFSim v6.01. Please download the latest version.


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