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Research Interests
I am currently writing a PhD Thesis.
Programs I wrote for my PC.
RC Flight Simulator
Learn to fly your Radio 
Control model airplane.
Published programs I wrote for my Spectrum
Electronic Circuits I designed and built.
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Welcome to my personal page!

Manuel Guillén González

Manuel Guillén González

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 NEW! Have a look at the results of my research here 
My PC Programs 

Have a look at some of my programs: 

  • Flight Simulator.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Low level MS Dos programming (Mouse, Keyboard, SVGA).
  • Demos (FIR Filter, Fourier, Huffman compression).
  • Voronoi Diagram.
  • My Spectrum Games 

    My first computer was a Spectrum. With the Spectrum emulators available today for PC it is possible to show you my finest creations. 

    My Electronic Projects  
    I love electronics. Here are some of my creations: 
    • Audio Mixing table (I also love playing music).
    • WahWah audio effect.
    • Stroboscope (flashing lights).
     Also involving programming: 
    • LCD game (Actually 40 LED display connected to the spectrum 's printer port).
    • EPROM In-Circuit Emulator (my final year project).
    • Autopilot/Flapperon for 4ch R/C model aircraft based on cPIC16C84 
    And also: