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I am currently writing a PhD Thesis.
Programs I wrote for my PC.
RC Flight Simulator
Learn to fly your Radio Control model airplane.
Published programs I wrote for my Spectrum
Electronic Circuits I designed and built.
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 Programs I wrote for my Spectrum.
My first computer was a Spectrum (i.e. 48 Kb RAM, Z80@4MHz, Storage device: standard cassette tape, interpreted BASIC and primitive Assembly editors). It was easy to persuade my parents to help me upgrade the system when I got a couple of games published in a national magazine. Then I bought an Amstrad DMP2000 printer (i.e. 9 pins, 2ppm!), and a Floppy Disk Driver (Disciple + FDD). With 720 Kb storage capacity per disk I could easily store and organise all my programs. Unfortunately the Spectrum populacrity was sinking with the arrival of more powerful machines an eventually I had the excuse (academic work) to buy a PC.  
click to enlarge  my dear Spectrum. 
With the Spectrum emulators available today for PC it is possible to show you my finest creations:  You will need a Spectrum Emulator to run my programs. My favourite is Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Emulator by Pedro Manuel Rodriguez Salas, since you don't have to register to change the emulation speed. It will accept files with .SIT extension. 
The most used spectrum emulator is Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator 'Z80' v3.05 by G.A. Lunter and can be found here. This emulator uses files with .Z80 extension. 

There is an excellent collection of info and links on Emulators in software emulators running on PC. 

Download a .Z80 version of my games (G. A. Lunter's emulator) 
Download a .SIT version of my games (Pedro Manuel Rodriguez Salas emulator) 
ICE BLOCKS  (Jan. 1987) 

This game was published in Microhobby (issue 120) under the reader's programs section, and it was awarded 15.000 pts. 
The aim of the game is to gather the three star blocks in a row before the time is up. You control the penguin to push and destroy the ice blocks. 

S.E.M.I.S.I.S. (Jul. 1987) 

This game was published in Microhobby (issues 138 and 139) under the reader's programs section, and it was awarded 38.000 pts. 
Written in BASIC with Assembly routines to speed up the screen update. It is a 100 screen labyrinth where your man has to find and install the CPU and ALU to make things work again. 
S.E.M.I.S.I.S. S.E.M.I.S.I.S. 

CAPITAN SEVILLA was the result of team work under the direction of Alvaro Mateos Herrera (author of West Bank and Rocky). Released in 1988 and distributed by Dinamic. 
The story of a simple man that becomes a super hero every time he eats one of the sausages that were contaminated with radioactive material in an accident. He will save the earth from a mad scientist in the end. 
My contributions to this program include the introduction to the game and several routines for screen edge detection and display and update of game indicators.